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Scars can last a life time, but the time you have to file your  workers compensation claim is much less.

young man with scar on his right cheek

The Workers' Compensation Act provides for the payment of scars which appear on an individual's head, face and neck if caused by work. The scars in question must be permanent and visible. Scars like specific loss injuries are paid in a number of weeks of benefits. For example, an individual may have a scar on their forehead and receive 15 weeks of Workers' Compensation benefits at their normal rate.


The number of weeks of Workers' Compensation benefits to be paid for a scar is entirely up to the discretion of the Workers' Compensation Judge who must view the scar and then determine the number of weeks to be paid for the scar. Normally, both the employee's attorney and the employer's attorney will offer an opinion as to the number of weeks that should be paid for a specific scar. Scars which occur on parts of the body other than the head, face and neck will not be paid under the Workers'

Compensation  Act.


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