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You can tell a lot about us by the clients we represent.

lawyer at his desk working on paperwork and working on his competerJohn Hofrichter, founder of JH & Associates, was born and educated in the local area, his Pittsburgh roots go deep.  John was a member of the IBEW Local 5, before he attended the University of Pittsburgh where John got his law degree in 1986.

He is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and is certified to appear before the federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania, the Northern District of West Virginia as well as the US Supreme Court.


At JH & Associates, we represent hard working Americans who may have been injured on the job by no fault of their own and now don't know where to turn. You may wonder, do I have a case, should I talk to an attorney, or should I talk to the company's attorney. You should call JH & Associates at 1-800-994-2204. We will fight for your rights and get you everything you deserve within the law. At JH & Associates we specialize in Workers Compensation litigation. We believe in a hands on approach with every case and every client.  We will be available to answer your questions and provide you with information concerning your ongoing case to keep you informed  every step of the way.

He has represented individuals and families in hearings and trials of all types in Federal, State and administrative settings throughout the region.  Strong, high quality service is the goal and standard of our office.

Attorney Hofrichter has been focusing in the areas of workers' compensation, social security and personal injury for over 25 years. Cases are litigated throughout all of Western Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Erie, and East to Altoona, State College and Williamsport.  This geographical area permits concentration on a large variety of workers' compensation cases and numerous industries including all types of manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail and similar businesses.  The office works with numerous unions as well as non-unionized workers.  This broad experience allows us to bring significant expertise and experience to injured workers in any location and gives the injured worker an even playing field when dealing with insurance representatives specializing in workers'

compensation cases.


In addition to litigation work, presentations are routinely provided to local union groups and organizations explaining a person's rights under the Workers' Compensation Act.  The presentations give information covering a person's rights when injured as well as detailing defenses and strategies commonly used by employers to deny payment of medical bills and wage loss benefits.  These presentations are provided free of charge and at a time and location of your choosing.

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