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You have worked on the job all your life and now you have hearing loss what do you do next.

An employee who has worked in a noisy environment and has a loss of more than 10% may be entitled to hearing aids and a benefit payment for the loss.  Audiograms, are used to determine hearing loss.


A retired employee may file a hearing loss claim within three (3) years of the date of retirement. Benefits are awarded based on the percentage of hearing loss.  For example, an employee with a 10.1% hearing loss would receive 26.2 weeks of Workers’ Compensation benefits.  At the rate of $845.00 per week the amount payable for this type of injury would be $22,139.00, plus hearing aids.


Even though employers often provide hearing tests at work, the employer will normally not explain the meaning of the audiogram which would allow the employee to determine the percentage of hearing loss and whether or not they have a claim.


Our office will obtain an audiogram and determine if a claim should be filed.


An otolaryngologist is commonly used to establish an occupationally hazardous noise environment and to establish that the hearing loss is caused by noise exposure at work. The use of hearing protection at work, a hunting history or aging does not prevent the receipt of benefits in hearing loss cases.


If you believe you have a hearing loss and live anywhere in Central or Western Pennsylvania, a free, no obligation hearing test can be arranged by calling JH&Associates at 1-800-994-2204 to discuss your rights.






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