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At JH&Associates it always free unless we win money for you!

Litigation Costs

Expenses incurred in litigating a case are advanced by the employee or their attorney.  Costs can include payment for medical records, reports and payment to a doctor for testimony.  Costs can be significant, often over $2,000.00.   JH & Associates pays these costs as part of normal litigation.  Be sure your attorney is not asking you to advance these costs.

attorney at desk on competer It's free to talk to an attorney at JH & Associates. There is no fee unless we win money for you. At JH & Associates one call handles it all! We take care of all the complicated paperwork, no more calls to deal with, no more intimidating letters from company lawyers.  We will deal with the corporate lawyers so you don't have too.  We use a unique one-on-one hands on approach which means you'll speak directly to an attorney to see if you have a case.   Never represent yourself in litigation in a workers compensation situation. The corporation that you work for will have their own attorney you can count on that.


So call JH & Associates and we will stand up for your rights. Litigating a case can be expensive and if an attorney ever asks you to advance money for the expense of medical records or reports for doctor's testimony, these costs can be significant often over $2,000.00. At JH & Associates there is never a cost to you unless we win money for you. We pay these costs as part of normal litigation.  We will fight for the money you deserve. If you've been injured on the job don't be intimidated and don't sign anything, call JH & Associates. Let's make it a fair fight!



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